IBC Shredding & Granulating

Recycle and repurpose your old IBCs and drums with our shredding and granulating service.


The Benefits

Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your old IBCs and drums. HDPE plastic can be broken down and reprocessed for use in new products.

State-of-the-art recycling facilities

We have our own purpose-built processing and recycling facility, complete with wastewater treatment, decontaminating, shredding, and granulating capabilities.

Environmentally focused

Everything we do aligns with our strict environmental policy, and we continually review our processes to ensure we provide the most sustainable service possible.

Fully compliant

We are licenced, registered and accredited by all relevant bodies.


Our prices are competitive to ensure a cost-effective service.

Nationwide collection

We’ll collect your old IBCs and drums from anywhere in the UK.

Our shredding process

All your old IBCs and drums are processed at our purpose-built facility following a step-by-step process.


Strip down of IBC

Bottles are removed from the cage and prepared for cleaning and shredding.


Bottles and drums emptied

Any remaining product residue is safely disposed of before the drums are cleaned.


Prepare bottles for shredding

Any caps, valves, metal clips and rubber seals are removed from the bottle.


Clean recyclable plastics

Plastic bottles are washed to remove any,residue and prevent contamination.


Shred and granulate HDPE plastic

All HDPE plastic is shredded and granulated, ready for reprocessing.


Send plastic for reprocessing

Shredded plastic is sent to various manufacturers to be used for new products.


Re-use or recycle cages

Metal cages are either reused for reconditioned IBCs or cleaned and recycled.


Issue paperwork

You’ll be issued paperwork confirming the safe and compliant disposal of your IBCs.


Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, but if you can’t find the information you need, get in touch. Our friendly team is happy to help.

We send shredded and granulated plastic to manufacturers to be used for products such as piping, floor coverings, fencing and furniture.

You’ll be provided with all relevant paperwork documenting the disposal of your IBCs and drums, including waste transfer notes and details of our waste disposal licences and registrations.

We aim to send zero waste to landfills, so we recycle or repurpose as many elements as possible. We also have our own water treatment plant to treat and recycle wastewater.

Yes. There is a disposal fee for our recycling service.

Yes. We offer a nationwide collection service for large loads. Alternatively, you can arrange to drop off your IBCs at our yard.

Yes. We are licenced to work with hazardous waste and are experienced in dealing with various chemicals. Let us know what your IBCs and drums were used for, and we’ll ensure the correct procedures are followed.

We have a range of reconditioned IBCs and drums for sale.

Sectors we specialise in

Any business using IBCs or drums can benefit from our services, but the key sectors we work with include:


"C.O'Donovan supply all our IBCs and provide a fantastic all in one solution.”


Joe - Transport Director

"A highly reliable IBC laundering service. We have been using C.O'Donovan for a few years now and can't recommend them enough.  .”


Rebecca - Facilities Manager

"We use C.O'Donovan for all our IBC needs and can highly recommend their service.”

Pharmaceutical Company

Sarah - Operations Manager

Let’s discuss your IBC and drum container requirements.

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