About us

Based in Leeds but serving clients across the UK, we specialise in IBC and drum laundering, reconditioning, and recycling.


Company history

In 2005, Clifford O’Donovan purchased a rundown drum yard in Leeds and transformed it into an IBC reconditioning and recycling facility. Since then, all profits have been reinvested into the business, and we now process up to 300 IBCs per day for a multitude of clients.

Sustainable values

Sustainability is our core focus, and we’re proud of our state-of-the-art recycling facility and water treatment plant. We’re committed to achieving our goal of sending zero waste to landfill and have a strict environmental policy which underpins everything we do.

Meet the team


Cliff O'Donovan



Dougie Morrison

General Manager


Lucia Roberts

Sales Account Manager


Donna Murphy

Administrative Coordinator

Sectors we specialise in

Any business using IBCs or drums can benefit from our services, but the key sectors we work with include:


"C.O'Donovan supply all our IBCs and provide a fantastic all in one solution.”


Joe - Transport Director

"A highly reliable IBC laundering service. We have been using C.O'Donovan for a few years now and can't recommend them enough.  .”


Rebecca - Facilities Manager

"We use C.O'Donovan for all our IBC needs and can highly recommend their service.”

Pharmaceutical Company

Sarah - Operations Manager

Let’s discuss your IBC and drum container requirements.

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